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Client Feedback

· Great report (wish everyone took as much care over the points for development); reports like this make me wish I was part of the assessment visit! Quality Manager – Naace

· Many thanks for the report- this must be one of the best that I have ever read! Very thorough and comprehensive- real value for money!  Quality Manager – Naace

· Thank you again for what we felt was a very positive and constructive experience for us. We were very pleased with how the day went and appreciated your professional, but personal approach. Onwards and upwards! ......... We all found your visit very informative and valuable to the school. We are over the moon at achieving the ICT mark at last and will start the process towards the ICT Excellence, once again thank you for your time.  Headteacher and Network Manager, Primary School, Redbridge (ICT Mark assessment)

· I'd like you to know that we have already acted upon much of your advice, and the plans are firmly in place to work on the rest. We have, for example, immediately gained Governor approval (they all have copies of your report!) to update the staff lap tops (the orders are placed and delivery due), plus we're well into a review (and proposed expansion) of the hardware and programs that the pupils and students have access to. We have much more to do, and the willingness to do so.  You have given us both a boost for what we have done, and a boost to progress further. Many thanks!  Headteacher, SEN School, East Sussex (re: ICT Mark Assessment)

· Thanks for your invaluable quality inputs when you were there at PIS, Pimpri, India in connection with I-catalyst programme....We are really indebted to you for sharing your professional knowledge with all of us.....You are a knowledge mine and hence we will never forget you.  Principal, Podar International School, Pimpri India

· I’ve almost finished the framework docs! I thought you might like a quick preview of the context paper, which I have now uploaded to the Vital community I think it looks pretty good now and reads clearly. Thank you so much for all your input on this.  e-skills UK (re: Vital IT Specialists Framework)

· The Assessor’s tenacious approach enabled good collaboration with the ICT Leaders and he organised a comprehensive programme for the assessment visit.  His professional and open approach in interviews put people at ease and through carefully focussed questioning he quickly drew relevant information from all stakeholders.....knowledge and understanding of school self evaluation was excellent, showing a thorough knowledge and understanding of local and national initiatives and issues that would impact a technical college of this kind.  ..... quickly established a rapport with the different groups interviewed. He was quick to adapt responses to reflect the circumstances.  His effective style of questioning drew responses from all those involved.  He was confident and professional in dealing with members of the SMT and gave positive feedback and encouragement confirming actions and priorities for future development...... professional yet open approach allowed him to engage effectively with all stakeholders.  His feedback was clear and concise showing sensitivity to audience.    ICT Mark Lead Assessor (re: moderated assessment QA process)

· I really appreciated and enjoyed your visit yesterday. Thank you for the encouragement about reapplying for the Excellence Award.  Deputy Headteacher, Oakington Manor Primary School, (re: Online Reporting & Parental Engagement)

· “It was a pleasure having you visit us at St. Joseph's and I am truly grateful for all of your wonderful advice. We were very fortunate to have you as our assessor since you not only confirmed what we 'hoped' we were doing well but also pointed us in the right direction in terms of our next steps forward. A sincere thanks once again...and I'm sure that I will be availing myself of the 'sounding board' that you offered in the future!” St Joseph Roman Catholic Primary School, Hertfordshire

· I have contributed to the questionnaire.  It was good to sit back and reflect, especially on my personal approach and attitude to ICT CPD.  Headteacher, Hillingdon LA (re: National CPD Research)

· You can count us in on this!!!  Hope you're well - just had a very fruitful meeting with my ICT leader and it is great to have someone else on the team who is as passionate about it as I am!!!  Headteacher, SEN school, Plymouth LA (re: National CPD Research)

· Brilliant .  Will let all the staff concerned know Headteacher, Redbridge LA (re: National CPD Research)

· The project sounds really interesting and something I would love to get involved with..... ICT Leader, ISCCB, Birmingham (re: National CPD Research)

· The assessor made it such a valuable experience. She was supportive and offered a wealth of ideas during the visit.....was extremely helpful. She gave us lots of positive feedback and it was so nice to hear some ideas to move forward that were realistic and do able....was well prepared and carried out the assessment in a thoroughly professional manner.  Quality Manager - Naace

· We were delighted to have you! I found it such a useful process and your support and ideas were invaluable. Thank you for making it so pain free!  Deputy Headteacher, East Sussex LA (re: ICT Mark Assessment)

· Thank you for this and your on-going support. Re Assessment report, we are; Extremely happy!  We are still buzzing and celebrating!  We are looking forward to the presentation!  I'm thinking of using the term "Bridging the Digital Divide" as a "hook" for a parents' meeting - all the best ideas are usually someone else's! Thanks again, Headteacher, Hillingdon LA (re: ICT Mark assessment)

· This is wonderful! I have just spent an hour or so browsing through the excellent resources you have signposted. Some I have already published on Fronter.   It was so kind of you to have taken the time to do this; they will help us to move towards excellence.  Thanks again for all your help. Headteacher, Croydon LA (re: ICT Mark assessment)  

· Thank you so much for our wonderful report. As well as highlighting our strengths, it gives us a strong steer towards areas for improvement.  Headteacher, Croydon LA (re: ICT Mark assessment)

· Thanks very much for your feedback. We’ve incorporated much of it into the specification we will be submitting to Ofqual ...... Your help and support are much appreciated..... We submitted our spec this morning. Thanks so much for all your efforts.”  Senior Business Manager for ICT, Edexcel (re: ICT GCSE specifications for 2010)

· “Just a quick note...I have just spoken to the Deputy Head and Director of e-Learning who is over the moon about the consultancy that you supplied... ‘very happy... outstanding... exceptional visit...’ all cropped up in couple of mins phone call! Thanks for doing a great job...” Naace ICT Mark Project Officer (re: The John Warner School, Hertfordshire:  Consultancy - Self Review Framework)

· “I am so pleased you have been assigned as our assessor. When I saw your name on the list of potential assessors I was delighted as it was you who first met with me to discuss the accreditation. Your support at that time set us on the right path.  Our recent outstanding Ofsted Inspection highlighted the use of ICT as a major strength. For us, achieving the ICT Mark will acknowledge the pivotal role ICT has had in transforming the school over recent years.  I very much look forward to seeing you again.” Headteacher, Croydon LA (re: Self Review Framework & ICT Mark)

· “We couldn’t have done it without you!” City of York Council (Learning Platform procurement)

·  “Thank you very much for your contribution to our conference on 'Future Learning Future Work' last week. We have had some very good feedback from the delegates who attended, and your talk was well received.  …. I hope that we can keep in touch, as we would welcome your expertise and input into shaping future strategies of e-learning” North East Lincolnshire

· Please find attached the two emails from the DCSF and BECTA confirming sign off of the vision document.…. Many thanks for all of your work.  I think that the vision is very good. Senior Project Manager, Church of England Academy Services Ltd (re: Academy ICT Vision & visioning workshops)

· “The ICT Vision.... is the best we’ve seen” “Very different ... very good”.  Becta / DCSF (Academy ICT Vision)

· “The school... are happy to sign-off vision.”  Overall Project Manager, GDST Academy (Academy ICT Vision) 

· “...our presentation at the interview stage was head and shoulders above the rest.... the two things that won us the contract were: Our presentation – better than anyone else’s...... and (Outstream Consultant’s) local knowledge of the situation in the area.... which was streets ahead of the competition”.  Managing Consultant (OPM feedback on successful client side consultancy bid)

· “I've finally had a chance to go through this and it looks very good. Quite inspiring in fact!”  Sponsor’s group (Academy ICT Vision) 

· “I valued your insights into good practice across London and I look forward to meeting you again”  Divisional Director For Children's Services, London Borough of Croydon

·  “A visit would be great - and thanks for the updates and info you've been sending us - very helpful.”   London Borough of Merton

· “Just wanted to say thank you for presenting at our conference on Friday.  All delegates agreed that it was a very successful day.  I thought you might like to read some of the feedback comments from delegates: - ‘It made me more aware of the dangers that are out there for my own children as well as school.’  - ‘Very informative.’  - ‘Sorting activity very useful.’ – ‘Made it very clear how crucial e-safety education is.’  - ‘Lots of interesting points to consider.’  - ‘Images quite alarming - brought home importance of issues re: e-safety.’  - ‘Generated useful discussion.’      Once again, thank you very much for all your support.”  London Borough of Newham (e-safety conference for LSCB & Schools)

· “I haven't had a chance to thank you for a really motivational and engaging meeting on Thursday.  I've 'Googled' 'Blooms Taxonomy and have found some stuff that I hope to find time to read.”  London Borough of Hackney  

· “…many thanks for this.  Your suggestions are most helpful.”  Westminster City Council (BSF management recruitment)

· “Thank you. This is beyond the call of duty and much more than I had expected.”  London Borough of Brent (provision of information on data security & MLEs)

· “… Thank you so much for your contributions.  I am indebted….. Thanks again for your continued support in assisting Hackney on its journey. London Borough of Hackney (re. Self Review Framework)

· “Thanks for the information - it is really helpful to our development. Your visit was warmly received and everyone commented on both your enthusiasm for ICT as well as your knowledge.  I look forward to meeting you again as no doubt I will, and sharing more thinking!” Headteacher, Woodlands School, Plymouth (ICT Mark Assessment)

· “Many thanks…. very helpful telephone and email advice earlier today.”  Milton Keynes LA

· “Excellent - thanks for your help with this.” London Borough of Tower Hamlets (Computers for Pupils)

· Thanks for the report and letting all relevant parties know. We are so pleased with the outcome and look forward to working with Fronter and LGfL to further develop our work.  Headteacher, West Acton Primary School, London Borough of Ealing (ICT Mark Assessment)

· Great to see the SRF and ICT Mark training being so well received and further capacity for supporting school progression through the SRF being developed. Well done!  Becta (Training for London Grid for Learning Curriculum Consultants)